A Small Pile of Words

If you're looking for "proper" writing, visit my so-called writing portfolio. The stuff below is just a selection of the bits and bobs that I've churned out for fun and, really, I'm just hanging on to it in case I need to prove my writing chops to a future RPG GM or something...

Imaginary People: Emma Repin et al
As a lawyer working for her Russian mobster family, Emma's life was already pretty unusual. Adjusting to existence as a vampire seemed almost mundane by comparison - almost. Screenplay format.

Imaginary People: Patricia, Paul and Michael.
Patricia is a Vampire: The Masquerade character I played for fifteen years - and still would be, given half a chance. Michael was the vampire who created her. Their relationship was twisted, even by vampires' standards, and culminated in Patricia consuming Michael’s soul. Paul is an antagonist I created for another character but I ended up throwing him and Trish together for the sheer fun of it. Previously, Patricia and Paul had, by mutual consent,  played a sort of cat-and-mouse game but it left them both dissatisfied. This is what followed. 

Imaginary People: Jane Mallory
Another RPG character - this time White Wolf's "dark" superhero setting Aberrant. Jane was a good guy forced into bad circumstances and then lucked into better ones. But sometimes things go awry, especially on holiday.

Screenplay excerpt: On The Edge
Written in a slight fit of desperation when I ran out of ideas during a screenwriting class more years ago than I care to admit. Inspired by the characters Patricia and Michael, above, this is not a vampire story. 

Yes. I write fanfic. It can be quite fun and it's less destructive than other hobbies available to a person.

Fanfic: Doctor Who and the Locusts of Time
Short video script featuring audio characters - the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller. Borne out of some notes for a LARP event I was plotting, but never ran. Tongue is firmly in cheeck for this one.

Fanfic: Revenge (Kaldor City)
Kaldor City is still recovering from Taren Capel's attack from beyond the grave, but it's business as usual around the board table of the Corporation. Or Is it? This audio script firmly ignores the existence of the sixth story in the Magic Bullet Series (Storm Mine) because one of the joys of fanfic is creating fanon.

Fanfic: The Harkness Supremacy
What happens when an ex-Time Agent, a member of MI6 and an assassin all encounter each other in Hong Kong? Quite a lot, actually... Pure crackfic and very silly - you have been warned! (Archived on another site until I can get around to cleaning up the formatting and turning it into a .pdf or something)

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