Vampire: The Masquerade

(1993 - 2005, plus various postscripts)

Svetlana Yemerov
Toreador hedonist, patron of the arts, KGB veteran.

Mary Wingrove-Graves
A professional ghoul for nearly 200 years, later a reluctantly-embraced Ventrue.

Adriana Taylor
Follower of Set. Political lobbyist.
Patricia DeMontfort
Malkavian. Surgeon, sadist, former Anarch, occasional Prince. One of my favorites. 
no pic yet Rebecca Logsdon
Tremere neonate. An occultish archeologist who swears she's never heard of Laura Croft.
Rachel DuNoir
Caitiff of Assamite descent and, later on, something else altogether.
Sarah Donner
An ordinary human - a coroner for the FBI - who got caught up with all the wrong creatures.

janice Janice Masterson
Toreador - now a Buffy 'verse character. My first V:tM character and, admittedly, very Mary-Sue.
Renee Alcon
Malkavian. Writer, traveler, serial killer.
anja Anja and Gregor Skolnikov
Sibling Old World Tzimisce who have done everything they can to uphold their clan's deviant reputation.

Extra Geeky Feature - Jyhad/VTES cards for most of these characters