Star Wars Characters

Endra Yahnna
A smile and a handblaster will get you a lot farther than just a smile alone - that is Yahnna's credo in life. As comfortable in deep space as she is on a planet, Yahnna knows she's seen far more of the galaxy than anyone of her age really should - not that she's about to admit her age. She calls herself a free-trader and freelance pilot, although she won't deny the epithet of smuggler too vigorously. Home is where ever she happens to be and her wordly goods she can carry on her back.


Marike Seiler
As the first citizen of the Imperial Remnant to attend Skywalker's Jedi Academy, Marike knew that she was going to cause at least a little sensation. Fortunately, her tenure at the Academy has - so far - been uneventful. Recently she was asked to join a group of fellow students, led by Jedi Knight Pavel O'Connor, on the exploration vessel Resolute. Their mission - to retrieve ancient Jedi artifacts - has quickly proven exciting, although Marike finds herself far more intrigued by her companions than the dangers they sometimes face...

Alexandra Egorova's image was used for Marike. Yahnna's likeness is the actress Deborah Unger. Used without permission but, c'mon...

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