Miriam El-Suufi

Following the abrupt end of her arranged marriage to conservative Muslim, Miriam was in dire straits. Her parents were unwilling to support her and Miriam had decided she would rather live on the streets than endure another loveless arrangement. By sheer good luck - although she would soon come to believe that it was something more than simple luck - Miriam met a member of the Cult of Isis. The acquaintance quickly ripened into friendship and Miriam was brought into the fold of something more marvelous than she had ever imagined.

Another nifty picture

Brief history and summary of Miriam's special skills. Plus notes for character-creation, for GMs, as Miriam is one of my Grab Bag characters.

The pictures of Miriam are, in fact, of the popular newsreader Daljit Dhaliwal who is obviously the prettiest woman on television. I owe thanks to the hordes of fans who have put together some great fan-sites dedicated to her.