Mage: The Ascension

Aimee Johnson.
A Euthanatos who has endured the loss of her true love, her adopted daughter, her chantry and - almost - her soul.
Deborah St.James.
A Hollow One who realized that, deep down, she was too optimistic to be a part of that particular order. Marrying a brilliant Virtual Adept will change a person's paradigm.
no pic yet Ariadne Bancroft.
A Cult of Ecstasy mage who worked as a children's author. Alas, I could not join the chronicle for which she was designed, but I still like her.
Mercy is a Euthanatos dwelling in an extensive horizon realm where the Traditions and the Technocracy have been forced to work together against a mutual threat. A magnetic loner, Mercy tries to live up to her name while maintaining a necessary reputation for cruelty and mystery.

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