Elena DiFiori


Elena DiFiori is a Vodacce fate witch born of a minor merchant family. She was forced to leave her native land following a scandal she refuses to divulge and she chose to travel to Montaigne, hoping to leave her reputation behind.

However, Elena quickly learned that gossip thrives in the provincial courts of any realm, and so she chose to move quickly from city to city. Leaving a trail of rumors and speculation where-ever she went, Elena finally found herself invited to the court of L'Empereur, only to be suddenly thrust into a conspiracy of epic proportions.

Surprised by the whim of fate - but not overly so - Elena has decided to remain with her new companions and see where her fortune takes her.

An introduction to Elena DiFiori, focusing on her early life with her family and the circumstances behind her scandalous departure. Adobe Acrobat document, not HTML.

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