RPG Character Gallery.

These are pictures I have pulled from various sources to illustrate RPG characters I have played or dealt with. Credit is given where-ever possible. Images are used without permission - if you're an agent/lawyer with a problem, please drop me a line before you warm up the cease-and-desist orders and we'll work something out.


Patricia DeMontfort
Malkavian Vampire,
cosmetic surgeon, erstwhile Prince.

Michael Worthington
Sire to Patricia

Rachel DuNoir
Caitiff Vampire and Assassin

Paul Viersan
Vampire. Antagonist and occasional lover to Rachel DuNoir



Janice Masterson
Toreador Vampire.
Artist and occasional hero.

Kim Petersen
Malkavian Vampire, friend to Patricia and Janice.

Euthanatos Mage

Erich Newhope
Progenitor Mage and Antagonist to Mercy



Rebecca Logsdon
Tremere Vampire and Archeologist

S. Mangrum
Sire to Rebecca Logsdon

Sarah Donner
Human FBI Agent

Deborah St.James
Orphan Mage




Anja Skolnikov
Old World Tzimisce Vampire

Endra Yahnna
Smuggler and Pilot 
- Star Wars

Elena DiFiori
Vodacce Fate Witch - 7th Sea

Violet Adler
Alienest / Pulp-Era Heroine

Kumla Storyseeker
Silent Strider Galliard

Miriam El-Suufi
Assistant to the Amenti

Jane Mallory aka Arachne
Aberrant Nova
This is one face of many

Adriana Taylor
Follower of Set and
Political Lobbyist

Renee Alcon
writer, serial killer

Mary Wingrove-Graves
diamond dealer, longtime ghoul

Svetlana Yemerov
Toreador/ghoul black widow

Extra geeky feature - Jyhad cards for asst'd home-made vampires.

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Patricia DeMontfort - Marlee Maitlin
Michael Wentworth - Iain Glen
Rachel DuNoir - Maria G. Cucinotta
Paul Viersan - Nigel Havers
Janice Masterson - Famke Janssen 
Kim Petersen - unknown 
Erich Newhope - Jeremy Irons
Rebecca Logsdon - Eliza Dushku
S.Mangrum - Todd Field
Sarah Donner - Helen Hunt
Deborah St. James - unknown
Anja Skolnikov - unknown 
Elena DiFiori - Joanna Going
Endra Yahnna - Deborah Unger
Violet Adler - Katherine Hepburn
Kumla Storyseeker - unkown
Miriam El-Suufi - Daljit Dhaliwal
Jane Mallory - Chloe Annette
Renee Alcon - Claire Forlani
Adriana Taylor - Stephanie Romanov
Mary Graves - Victoria Tennant
Svetlana Yemerov - Diana Gartner

Home-Made Jyhad Card Credits

Anja Skolniknov - Asia Argento
Gregor Skolnikov - Jeremy Irons
Yvette Collier - Maria G. Cucinotta
All images are used without permission. These lovely people have nothing to do with any of this, nor am I making money off it. It's all homage, I swear! If you're a Limey-eating lawyer with an issue, please contact me before serving the cease-and-desist and we'll work things out.