Johanna Mead
Production Assistant
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It's been quite a while since I worked in a media production environment, but that doesn't mean I can't look to get back into it! At the moment, I'm teaching myself Adobe Premiere, as my college education was sadly lacking in digital technique. Furthermore, I've found that my past experience as an administrative and executive assistant has granted me many skills that are applicable within a production environment.


Full-time or contract employment utilizing my skills as both a creative individual and a trained administrator


  • PC and Mac literate. Skills include MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher), MS Outlook, Filemaker Pro, Word Perfect, QuickBooks Pro, DreamWeaver and PhotoShop.
  • Excellent written skills - published in several venues.
  • Skilled at managing people and teams within variable environments - from small film crews to large corporate offices.

Work experience

World Talent Media, San Francisco, CA
Production Manager
April 2002 -
August 2002

  • Managed production schedules for busy multi-media production office - projects ranged from producing the California Music Awards broadcast to creating interactive CD-ROMs for local companies.
  • Brought order to an otherwise chaotic office - organized project management, bookkeeping and payroll processes for entire company.
  • Handled all communications and scheduling for company CEO
  • Maintained company website - from crafting HTML to creating content.
Other World Creations, Long Beach, CA
November 2001, May 2003
  • Contributed 15,000-word chapter to flagship title "Forbidden Kingdoms" in a hard-deadline situation of twelve business days.

Nothing Sacred
Key Set PA
July - August 1997

  • Assisted production manager and assistant director with production paperwork
  • Acted as liaison between directors on location and production office
  • Handled correspondence and scheduling for production crew before and during production
  • "Nothing Sacred" is a feature-length comedy which aired at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998

CAST, Pleasant Hill, CA
Creative/Managing Director
June 1994 - December 2002 & August 2005 - Present.

  • Founded creative improvisation troupe, which meets every four weeks with an average attendance of thirty people.
  • Crafted plotlines for each event, designed and administered the group's webpage.
  • Solely responsible for securing locations for monthly events and administration of troupe finances.

San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA
Bachelor of Arts
in Film Production


Historical costuming and writing.

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