Unsolicited but Useful Advice for LARPers

Most Recent Addition: August, 2018 (Robots of Death Build Diary).

Logistics and Stuff
Why I LARP: One Player's Perspective
Finding Inspiration and Generating Ideas
Plotting a One-Shot LARP - Some Advice
LARP Pitfalls And Clawing Your Way Out Of Them
Running a LARP - Logistics and Sanity.
Establishing the ambiance for your LARP
In A Perfect World... One Vampire (V:tM) LARP ST's Manifesto 
Running a Cthulhu LARP - some specific advice
So, You Want to Run a LARP at a Gaming Convention...?
GM and Player Responsibilities to a LARP

Acting For LARPERs - Preparing to Perform. (Notes from a presentation I gave in 2013)
Character Development 210 - The Next Level
My Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Having a Kick-Ass Time In A LARP
An example of a character background for a one-shot LARP
The Vampire Players' Guide To Getting Away With Murder 
Advice for Would-Be Malkavians (V:tM era)
Character Development 110 - Updated in 2013.
Rich Taylor's Ultimate List of 100+ Questions For Your Character

The Next Doctor - Mercy Hartigan Build Diary
The Doctor's Wife - Idris Build Diary
Dark Water Missy Build Diary
The Devil's In The Details - Accessorizing A LARP Character. Optional, but fun!
Costuming Tips For The Cheap and Desperate
Building Toos from Robots of Death  - costume build diary (Finally completed, 2018!)
Costuming the new Battlestar Galactica - costume build diary
Even Space Cowboys Hanker to Look Shiny - Costuming for a Firefly LARP
Creating Commodore Franky Cook - Making a Sky Captain Costume - costume build diary
Donning the Vodacce Veil and Outfitting the Montaigne   - costume build diary
Fashion Pix From The 1960s - assembled for another project, useful here.

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