My Quick-And-Dirty Guidelines For Having A Kick-Ass Time In A LARP

The first thing you should do: get into trouble. Trouble is interesting.

Tell the truth as much as possible. If you can’t tell the truth, refuse to answer, be evasive or be somewhere else, but keep the flat-out lying to a minimum.

When wheeling and dealing with other characters, ask yourself: What’s in it for them? You might not get far appealing to their altruism, but an appeal to self-interest almost always works.

Don’t commit to anything until or unless you absolutely have to. This is valid for politicians in real life, and it works for LARPers, too.

Pick your battles. You can’t keep up with every single thing that’s happening in the game.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to delegate something to another character. Make sure it’s someone who’ll take the fall if they fail or if they sell you out.

If all hell has broken loose and all is chaos, characters will respond well to someone - anyone - who speaks confidently and acts like they have a plan, even when they don’t.

When caught by surprise, don’t let it show. At most, nod thoughtfully and mutter “I feared something like this might happen”

Listen to the other characters. Really listen. It’s called dialogue for a reason.

Be willing to lose. Volunteer to lose, if it’ll keep things interesting

LARPing is a social hobby. Get out there and interact with the other characters, darnit!

Bear in mind: if you fail as a character, you have not failed as a person

If you’re not having fun, figure out why and act on it. The GMs will work with you as much as they can.

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