Johanna Mead
Event & Hospitality Assistant

My skill-set is both broad and deep and has been acquired via both professional and volunteer settings. My experience includes:

Corporate Events -- Organized all aspects of appearances at trade-show events, in-house conferences and off-site meetings for various employers. Negotiated location rental and catering, handled all travel arrangements and accommodated VIPs.

Convention Organizer -- Worked with several conventions to coordinate aspects of the event (such as lecture panels, evening dances, special guest brunch). Greeted guests to make them feel more welcome. Worked with Convention Security to iron out any problems during the convention before it became problematic. (WonderCon, BayCon, SiliCon, StarQuest, Chicago TARDIS)

VIP Liaison -- Handled media stars before and during public appearances - ensured that they understood expectations, that any special needs were met, escorted to/from public areas. Discretion, punctuality and foresightedness were mandatory. (WonderCon, StarQuest)

Special Event Director -- Wrote interactive plays (akin to dinner theater and "How To Host A Murder Mystery" events) for groups ranging from 12 - 50 participants. Created characters, crafted plots, booked locations and provided direction to participants as needed. Some were one-shot events, others multi-episode sagas unfolding over several months or years. Tableaus ranged from Victorian London to space opera. (CAST, KublaCon, DunDraCon, BayCon)

Hospitality Organizer -- Ensured that convention guests were sufficiently supplied with food & beverages within the "hospitality suite". Supported hospitality chief by assisting with purchasing and menu decisions, whilst remaining within a fixed budget. Oversaw inventory of food and drink during a 3-day convention. Managed a crew of volunteers to help run a hospitality suite that remained open 18 hours a day. (CostumeCon 2008)

Show Director -- Managed several one-night shows with performers ranging from novice to professionals. Managed several direct reports, including tech crew, clerical staff and house manager. Worked with technical groups to ensure proper lighting and music at appropriate cues. Worked with performers and staff to complete necessary paperwork for programs, releases, etc. Acted as MC, as needed. (Gallifrey One, WonderCon, Chicago TARDIS, OryCon)

Guest speaker – Led lectures on a variety of topics of interest to convention guests. Subjects ranged from the challenges of playwriting to fashion history, to how-to demonstrations of various techniques. (Gallifrey One, Chicago TARDIS, BayCon, SiliCon)

Customer Service – Built and maintained customer database. Checked conference attendees into events. Handled cash and credit cards as needed. Trained newcomers. Reconciled cash drawer after each shift, maintained petty cash box.

Most of the events at which I volunteered have been science-fiction media conventions, or events for role-playing gamers. Attendance for these events ranged from 800 - 25,000 people - see below for further details.

Furthermore, I have extensive experience as an executive assistant and office manager, so I am absolutely up-to-date with the most office tools and procedures. My “Office Resume” may be seen here

Event Details

OryCon - Annual science fiction and fantasy convention in Portland, OR. Hosts 1,800+ guests. Guest panelist 2015-16; masquerade director 2016-17.

BayCon - Annual science fiction and fantasy convention in San Jose, CA. Hosts 2,000+ guests. Guest panelist, 2006 - 2009; Masquerade judge, 2008; Green room assistant, 2009. 

Chicago TARDIS - Annual science fiction convention in Chicago, IL. Accomodates 700 - 800 guests. Guest panelist, 2007; Masquerade show judge, 2008 - 2009; Show director, 2010.

CostumeCon - Annual gathering of professional and amateur costumers from across the globe (location varies). Average attendance: 800. Hospitality hostess and stage crew, 2009.

DunDraCon - Annual role-playing game convention, whereby approximately 1800 afficiandos of the same hobby voluntarily create and run role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) for each other. Ran interactive theater events (aka LARPs) annually 1997 - 2005

Gallifrey One - Annual science fiction convention in Los Angeles dedicated to the cult TV show, "Doctor Who". 3200+ attendees. Guest panelist, 2006 - 2010, 2014 - 2016. Masquerade (costume contest) judge & director, 2009-2010.

KublaCon - Annual role-playing game convention in San Francisco, much like DunDraCon. Ran "interactive theater events" annually 1998 - 2006

SiliCon - Annual science fiction convention in San Jose, much like BayCon. 600 attendees. Head of green room, 2009-10. Masquerade judge, 2007-08. Guest panelist, 2007 - 2010.

StarQuest 1995 - One-off science fiction convention for fans of Babylon Five. San Jose, CA. 500 attendees. Registration head and talent liaison.

WonderCon - Media convention for fans of movies, TV and comic books occuring annually in San Francisco. 30,000 attendees. Masquerade judge, 2009 - as well as a volunteer salesperson for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.