(Forbidden Kingdoms is an alternative-Earth “pulp” role playing game. This excerpt was part of a 30,000 word commission. Published 2002 by OtherWorld Creations.)

Airships – Still The Kings of The Sky
Throughout the War, dirigibles and their more rugged cousins, the rigid-framed zeppelins proved their utility as stealthy reconnaissance vehicles. In peacetime, luxuriously appointed airships were the pinnacle of high-class travel. But there have been setbacks. Phileas Fogg’s attempts to create a high-speed dirigible capable of circling the globe in thirty days were somewhat successful, but its volatile fuel source – still giving trouble even after twenty years’ of tinkering – has limited the high speed dirigible to use by thrill-seekers and transportation of the most urgent kind. Also, the fiery destruction of the Hindenberg in 1937 somewhat cooled the public’s enthusiasm towards airship travel.

However, these setbacks did not deter the development of the Odin class zeppelin by Lukas Kober, son of zeppelin engineer Teodor Kober. At 1300 feet long, 150 feet tall and nearly 70 feet in diameter, the Odin-class of zeppelin can carry 300 people almost anywhere in the world in angelic comfort. Four of these super zeppelins – Thor, Odin, Thule and Tyr – are currently in operation. Thor, Odin and Tyr ply the transatlantic air lanes, whilst Thule offers sumptuous tours over Europe.

The development of the Odin zeppelin faced early deflation. Hermann Goering wanted to scrap the German Airship Programme after the Hindenberg disaster, but Adolph Hitler overruled him. Hitler’s own determination was spurred on by the United States’ attempt to cripple German airship capabilities with the issuance of the Helium Control Act of 1927, which forbade American manufacturers from supplying precious helium to Germany. It is unclear how Germany has kept its airships afloat, although Italy and Russian are suspected to be fulfilling German needs.

The possible military applications of a high-flying, nearly silent airship have not been overlooked and some skeptics are wondering if the Germans have only commercial exploitation in mind for their latest achievement…

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