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Toos (Doctor Who, Robots of Death), WorldCon76, August 2018. Build diary.

Mercy Hartigan at Gallifrey One, 2016. Build diary.

Louise from the movie "Dalek Invasion of Earth, 2150AD". At Gallifrey One, 2016.
Unfortunately, this is the only pic I could find! I'll have to take something better, soon.
(Everyone thought I was Barbara Wright. That's okay. The suit, I might add, is awesome to wear.)



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Click through for larger. And here's the build diary.

Camping it up in my Idris gear at the TVM console at Gallifrey One, 2014. (Build diary for my Idris)

How can a person NOT be silly in this rig? (Build diary for my Idris)

Another one of those in-joke costumes that requires a lot of explanation. Suffice it to say that when Lucy Saxon shot her husband, 'tis my personal fanon that the brain-swap had already occurred. (aka "Homage to every single Master costume, evar. Even longer story...")

Mark II of the Femmy Ten costume - how could I NOT use blue-pinstriped velveteen after I stumbled across it at my fabric store? I just wish the pinstripes showed up in the photo!

(and thanks to SteveR for making me look at least 3" taller than I am!)

Captain Katherine "Kat" Smith of the Time Agency
(formerly "Generic Time Agent).

Honestly, I only made the corset in this ensemble, but then it all came together as a mad 1980s militaria thing. She was stuck in 1983 - 84 for seven years, you see...

(thanks to Chris E. for the photo)

Romana I's Androids of Tara rig, at Chicago TARDIS 2008

Even the fabric folk can cosplay! Another pic of the rig and me luvvin' it up with a fellow fan's fabric friend at Chicago TARDIS 2008. So what if it doesn't really show off my costume? ;) 


Mark 1 of my Femme!Ten rig.
A multiplicity of Doctors - and a Dalek. (SiliCon, 2007)


How YOU doin'?
(Just about the best picture ever taken of me. Ahem.)

Girl Genius' Von Pinn, BayCon 2007
(with BH's fabulous Duke, obviously!)

And another of Von Pinn.
(One of Nature's blonds, I ain't.)

New Battlestar Galactica Officer's Uniform (larp event 2006) I made some newbie mistakes with this, but I'm generally pleased with it, and so was the wearer.

Read the costume diary for construction tips

"Water" - Part of a three-person costume concept, personifying the Elven rings of power in JRR Tolkein's 
Lord of the Rings. (SiliCon 2005)
The entire group.

Commodore Franky Cook (Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow) (BayCon 2005)

Read the costume diary for construction tips.


Rebecca Fogg (The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne), quick-change dress and "action corset". I could strip out of the dress in five seconds, I'll have you know. Not bad for a gal without an editing crew on hand! Don't mind that my wig was slipping off, it had been a long day... ;) (BayCon 2006)

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